Scholarship Process for the William Glasser Institute US Northeast Region

Scholarships Available

In the current fiscal year, three (3) full scholarships of $500 each are available to be awarded. Depending on applications, a partial scholarship of $250 may be awarded. One full or two partial scholarship(s) will be awarded within each 4-month block of time (see table below). Applications for scholarships should be made 3 or more months before the anticipated training per the following guidelines. Exceptions will be considered if funds are available.

  • Block 1: Submit scholarship requests between April and July for training in August through November.
  • Block 2: Submit scholarship requests between August and November for training in December through April.
  • Block 3: Submit scholarship requests between December and March for training in May through August.
  • Depending on when you apply, you could get up to 90 days advance notice of a scholarship. It depends on how early you apply.
  • If a scholarship or partial scholarship is not awarded in one block, it will be available in the next block.
  • Scholarship funds will be reviewed at the WGI US Northeast Region annual business meeting and will be subject to renewal by membership at that time for the coming year.

Criteria for Scholarship Award

  • Financial need/hardship is a primary criteria for awarding a scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to relate personal resources they will access to attend training and factors that contribute to training fees representing a hardship for them.
  • Candidates should provide a statement about how the training is expected to enhance their professional roles and/or personal lives.
  • When possible, scholarships will be spread geographically throughout the Northeast Region.
  • Requests for a second scholarship will be considered if a partial scholarship was awarded previously in a different year than the second request.

Scholarship Award Process Guidelines

  • The applicant submits the application letter (see below) preferably more than 3 months before training is scheduled.
  • Applications are considered on a “rolling” basis within three time periods of the calendar year.
  • The scholarship chairperson informs the applicant of an award approximately 90 days before anticipated training, depending on how early the application is submitted.
  • The applicant is given two copies of the WGI US Northeast Region Scholarship Award Form. The applicant signs the form and gives it to the Sponsor of the training.
  • The Sponsor will submit the completed form to the WGI US Northeast Region Treasurer for disbursement of the scholarship amount following the completion of the training week by the awardee.
  • If the scholarship is to be used for Certification Week, the Treasurer will forward payment to the William Glasser Institute US before the applicant attends the Certification Week.
  • One copy of the notification of scholarship award is sent to the WGI US Northeast Treasurer at the same time it is sent to the applicant. A fourth copy remains with the scholarship chairperson.
  • The scholarship must be used within one calendar year from the date of issue.

Scholarship Application Letter 13.10.30