William Glasser Institute US Northeast Region

Barbara Hammel – Olsen Scholarship

Established April 2014

The Northeast Region is pleased to announce the Barbara Hammel – Olsen Memorial Scholarship in honor of Barbara, a long standing senior faculty member of the William Glasser Institute from the NE Region. The Region seeks to honor Barbara’s avocation teaching Choice Theory & Reality Therapy for over 40 years. Barbara guided many students to Certification in Choice Theory & Reality Therapy. She never stopped sharing Choice Theory with the world. Her passion for CT and her focus on happiness will be remembered with a smile whenever those who knew her think of her. We seek to honor her commitment to the ideas of William Glasser by sponsoring an individual through 4 of the 5 phases of training to Certification.

The Barbara Hammel-Olsen Memorial Scholarship is structured to provide the financial support for any NE Region resident who has successfully completed a Basic Intensive Training and seeks assistance to continue in the training through the Certification level. The scholarship will provide the tuition for Basic Practicum, Advanced Intensive Training, Advanced Practicum and Certification week. The Scholarship Committee may consider applicants who are farther along in their training; however preference will be given to those who have completed the first phase only. (Applicants may consider applying for one of the other NE Region scholarships for a single component of training.)

This is a one time scholarship.

Criteria for Scholarship Award

  • Candidates should have successfully completed a Basic Intensive Training component.
  • Candidates should provide a statement about how the training through Certification is expected to enhance their professional roles and/or personal lives. Candidate’s statement of their goals related to their learning and use of Choice Theory will be weighted most heavily.
  • Candidates should submit a projected timeline for their progression through the training programs. The application should contain information about the anticipated location, dates and instructor in their next phase of training if this is known at the time of application.
  • Financial need / hardship will be an additional factor in considering applications. Applicants are encouraged to relate personal resources they will access to attend training and the factors that contribute to training fees representing a hardship for them.

Scholarship Award Process Guidelines

  • Applicant will submit a recommendation or reference from their Basic Intensive Training instructor &/or other individual certified in Choice Theory.
  • Scholarship chairperson will review all applications and will submit finalists to the NE Region Officers for ranking.
  • Scholarship chairperson notifies applicant of scholarship award.
  • Successful candidate is given two copies of the WGI NE region Scholarship Award Form. Candidate signs form and gives to the Sponsor of their next training segment. The Sponsor will submit the completed form to the Northeast Region Treasurer for disbursement of the scholarship amount following the completion of the training component by the Awardee. The Awardee will receive additional Scholarship Award Forms as he/she progresses towards Certification. When the scholarship is used for Certification Week, the treasurer will forward payment to the William Glasser Institute US before the applicant attends the Certification Week.
  • One copy of the notification of scholarship award is sent to the WGI Northeast treasurer at the same time it is sent to the applicant. A fourth copy remains with the scholarship chairperson.
  • The scholarship should be used in its entirety within two calendar years. The Awardee may apply for an extension if needed.
  • The Awardee will automatically become a member of the North East Region as part of the award for the duration of their scholarship.
  • The Scholarship Chairperson reserves the right to adjust the guidelines with agreement by the elected officials of the North East Region if unforeseen circumstances are encountered.

Barbara Hammel-Olsen Scholarship Application Form